Fighting Breast Cancer with CBD oil

Among American women in general, Breast Cancer is a very serious concern for those over 40. It impacts as many as 1 in 8 women in the course of a lifetime. Recent studies have shown promising results as far as CBD slowing the progression of breast cancer.

Some people are hesitant to use CBD oil at first because of its effects but the truth is it has little to no side effects. It’s all natural, doesn’t harm anything in your body like pills do, and that and its impossible to overdose. So many other ways that are used today to treat tumors such as chemotherapy and pharmaceutical drugs can be much more destructive on healthy tissue.

The CBD Oil can be great therapy for the symptoms of breast cancer, which include muscle aches and pains or cramps. With its pain relief and anti-tumor properties, it makes the whole process for many women much easier to cope with versus traditional cancer treatments.

Cancer Study Supports the Benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil  for Breast Cancer

Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil works on the human endocannabinoid system, which are groups of receptors on cells and tissues in the body &organs and is capable to regulate equilibrium and homeostasis. An essential process in the elimination and creation of dying, pathological, and cancerous cells, are processes called autophagy. These mechanisms are key in the natural, N8 cellular immune response.

Natural, phytocannabinoids have been patented by pharmaceutical corporations to create synthetic Cannabidiol (CBD) drugs. Research from the journal of Current Medical Chemistry advocates the use of PLANT-BASED cannabinoids CBD for their therapeutic benefits in treating a kind of cancers (breast cancer).

This article is not meant to treat, diagnose, or mitigate any kind of cancer, disease, conditions.


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